A trip to Cracow

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On May 18th2015 students attending classes " I can read and count" ( 2nd grade), "Young Discoverer's Club" ( 3rd grade) and "Maths: that's easy!" (6th grade) went on a trip to Cracow. The trip was organised within "Development Project of Primary School in Harklowa".

            The sightseeing tour started with following The Cracow's Legend Trail. The students visited The Courtyard of the Castle, The Wawel Cathedral, The Dragon's Cave, The Old Town and St. Mary's Basilica.

            Having had a delicious dinner, the trip participants headed for Botanic Garden with the tour guide where they had a unique opportunity to admire magnificent specimens of national and exotic plants.

            In the afternoon students took part in a lesson in Garden Experience of Stanislaw Lem. All pupils participated actively in workshops which held under the banner of "Searching for the lost casket". The prize was "treasure", namely chocolate coins and tokens exchangeable for a chosen attraction: bungee jumping, trampoline, gyroscope or zorbing. The students spent three hours, having a great time under the supervision of qualified instructors.

            After such an exhausting but still fun - filled day, pupils in a good mood came back home. The trip will undoubtedly remain in their memory for a long time.


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