A trip to Warsaw

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On September 26th and 27th students of grades 4th – 6th with their teachers ( Barbara Łacek, Jolanta Proszek, Magdalena Berkowicz, Marta Zając and Mariusz Szpak) took part in a trip to Warsaw.

            The trip was organised within „Development Project of Primary School in Harklowa”. The main purpose of the trip was deepening students’ interest and expanding not only their historical and scientific knowledge but also language skills.

            At first, students participated in European Days of Foreign Languages, where they could learn basic vocabulary and phrases in German, French and Portuguese. That was a wonderful experience, encouraging our students to learn foreign languages.

            Then pupils walked all over the city with the guide. They visited The Old Town and The Royal Castle. One of the biggest attractions was multimedia „Chopin’ s benches” where you can listen to works of this famous composer.

            The next sight students saw was The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They were really excited because they had an unique opportunity to watch Changing of the Guard.

            On the second day of the trip, the most important point of the agenda was visiting Copernicus Science Centre. In that place, students could know the laws of science in unusual way, which is through carrying out experiments on interactive exhibitions.

            Next, students entered The Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium, where they watched a film entitled "Galileo: The Power of the Telescope". During the film screening, the viewers moved back to the fifteenth century Europe - first, to the Netherlands where the telescope was invented and then, to Italy where Galileo worked. In the second part of the film, the developmental history of the telescope was presented.

            All in all, the trip was fantastic. It provided students with unforgettable memories, they visited many interesting places, took a lot of commemorative photos and became enriched with new experiences.


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